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Supercharge your day with Doctor Approved Hydration + Energy Packets. SkyMD’s Doctor Approved proprietary blend of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals is shown to accelerate hydration, boost performance and sharpen focus. Specially formulated with natural caffeine for sustained, crash-free energy throughout your day.
Flavor: Strawberry Lemonade


Strawberry Lemonade
Size: 14pk
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5x electrolytes of sports drinks          DOCTOR APPROVED          3x faster hydration than water alone

Backed by science

Hydration Boost Technology (HBT™)

Hydration Boost Technology (HBT™) utilizes a sodium-glucose co-transport system (SGCT) which is highly effective in electrolytes as it facilitates the simultaneous transport of glucose, sodium and other nutrients into cell membranes. This plays a crucial role in maintaining proper daily hydration levels and is particularly beneficial during intense physical activity, illness, or situations requiring quick replenishment of energy and fluids.

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A total game-changer, these boost energy, aid recovery, maintain hydration and enhance focus during my workouts. Henry G.
This has replaced my morning coffee. It not only wakes me up but also provides sustained energy without a crash or the jitters. Mia L.
My husband is a huge fan of these, he swears by the boost of energy he gets and stays hydrated especially working in 105+ scorching summer weather. Jackson H.
I used to drink multiple energy drinks a day until I tried these. Packed with electrolytes and vitamins with low sodium sets the tone for my day. Michael W.
Absolutely love it! It keeps me energized and refreshed during workouts. Harper T.
Impressed by the combination of electrolytes, caffeine and other energy-boosting ingredients. Ideal for my active on the go lifestyle. Samuel L.
A must for my gym sessions. It keeps me hydrated and fuels my workouts. Grace P.

How skyMD Stacks Up

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Made with clean premium ingredients

Organic Cane Sugar

Organic Cane Sugar is a natural alternative to white sugar, and contains more minerals and nutrients such as iron, calcium and potassium - all while delivering the same level of sweetness flavor. It is extracted from the sugar cane plant and produced with zero synthetic pesticides, herbicides or GMOs.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful water-soluble vitamin that supports several critical functions inside your body. It is known best for its antioxidant properties which boosts your immune system, helping fight off infections to keep you healthy. Added benefits include supporting the synthesis of collagen which strengthens skin, bones and supports healthy skin while aiding iron absorption

Vitamins B3, B5, B6 + B12

B-vitamins work to maintain your overall health. B3 (Niacin) is used for energy production, cholesterol regulation and can help maintain a healthy nervous system. B5 (Pantothenic acid) helps with hormone synthesis and overall skin health; B6 improves brain function and B12 improves nerve function.

Potassium Citrate

Potassium Citrate is the salt form of potassium that has a host of benefits, including overall electrolyte balance and acid reduction in the body. It is also recognized for helping kidney stone prevention.

Sodium Citrate

Sodium Citrate contains many essential electrolytes to help maintain fluid balance and nerve function. It’s commonly used as a flavor enhancer and acidity regulator for the body. It

Ionic Trace minerals Concentrate

Ionic Trace Minerals Concentrate is a dietary supplement that contains a blend of trace minerals, which are essential for various biological benefits in the body such as mineral supplementation, electrolyte balance, energy production and bone health.

Aquamin mg AG

Aquamin mg AG is a dietary supplement which combines the powers of magnesium and silver together. Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays an important role in many bodily functions and is vital for maintaining healthy bones, supporting bone density, improving muscle function, boosting metabolism and overall nervous system support.

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Chloride supports overall bone health, muscle relaxation, nervous system support, and numerous other bodily functions. It can help fulfill your body's magnesium needs while also aiding in digestive health, heart health and improving sleep quality.


L tyrosine is an amino acid known for its mood regulation and stress-relief benefits which can promote increased focus, alertness, mental clarity and improved cognitive . It can also help enhance physical performance and reduce fatigue during workouts or exercise.

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC (Alpha-glycerophosphocholine) is a cholinergic compound commonly used for cognitive-enhancement - and can also help enhance the output from physical performance. It can also support cellular membranes, and may help prevent cognitive decline- supporting overall brain health.

L-carnitine L-tartrate 

L-carnitine L-tartrate plays a critical role in energy production by helping transport long-chain fatty acids to be oxidized within the body - resulting in energy production. It can also help prevent exercise fatigue and overall muscle weakness.

Caffeine blend 

Our proprietary Caffeine blend contains Green Tea (Camelia Sinensis), Coffee Beans and Coffeeberry- the fruit of the coffee plan. This special combination of caffeine sources help deliver a natural boost when you need it most, while also being rich in antioxidants and fiber.

Customer Reviews

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Nena Tignini (Scottsdale, AZ)
Best Hydration Ever!

Happy to have my SkyMD knowing I am hydrating properly with a high quality product that my body needs.

lenora hoard (Tallahassee, FL)


joseph mustacchio (Philadelphia, PA)
All season drink

This product not just for the hot summer weather, even when in winter after cutting down trees after snow storms in the eastern states with all the sweat you lost, it does have significant results. Highly recommend

Energy without jitters or crash

Ordered twice and had to subscribe. Been looking for a pre workout without all the garbage ingredients and decide this was just what I needed. Flavor is great, energy is subtle but, effective and hydration a bonus. I mix with my EEA’s & creatinine and it’s perfect. My husband and son are now doing the same!

Amanda Buchanan (Lebanon, TN)
The best boost for my energy level!

I tried this because the nutritional content was the best of any electrolyte beverage I’ve seen. I am Hooked because of how much better it has made me feel! I practice Hot yoga so hydrating is super important. Using this has helped my stamina, focus, and recovery so much! My only complaint is I wish there were more flavors.

5x electrolytes of sports drinks          DOCTOR APPROVED          3x faster hydration than water alone

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