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OVer 75% of people suffer from signs of dehydration

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Hydration Boost Technology (HBT™)

Our doctor-approved proprietary blend is formulated with a precise ratio of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, ensuring optimal osmosis and delivering accelerated hydration 3x faster than water alone. Recover, revitalize and refuel with SkyMD.

Sodium Glucose Co-Transport System

Hydration Boost Technology (HBT™) utilizes a sodium-glucose co-transport system (SGCT) which is highly effective in electrolytes as it facilitates the simultaneous transport of glucose, sodium and other nutrients into cell membranes. This plays a crucial role in maintaining proper daily hydration levels and is particularly beneficial during intense physical activity, illness, or situations requiring quick replenishment of energy and fluids.

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Sodium + Essential Minerals

Sodium is a key electrolyte for rehydration solutions because it plays a crucial role in maintaining fluid balance in the body. It helps regulate the movement of water across cell membranes, allowing for proper hydration. Our formula adds electrolytes such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphate and Chloride. These additional electrolytes are essential for your body to conduct electrical charges through muscular and nervous systems, allowing for proper function of cells, tissues and organs.

Glucose: Organic Cane Sugar

Glucose plays a significant role to maximize electrolyte absorption in the small intestine. When glucose is present, it is cotransported with sodium through the cell membrane. This process is known as secondary active transport and helps to increase the absorption of both nutrients. Essentially, glucose acts as a facilitator for sodium absorption, allowing the body to properly balance fluids and electrolyte levels.

Essential Vitamins

The sufficient intake of essential vitamins in electrolyte drink adds additional benefits that should not be underestimated. Vitamins B and C act as antioxidants, supporting the body in combatting oxidative stress during physical activities. Additionally, B vitamins aid in energy metabolism, nerve function, and red blood cell production, while vitamin C contributes to immune support and collagen formation.

Trace Minerals

Aquamin MgAG is unique multimineral complex derived from marine algae, containing magnesium, calcium and 72 trace minerals. When used in an electrolyte mix, it helps enhance mineral absorption and maintain an alkaline pH, improving overall hydration. Additionally, it offers health benefits such as bone and joint support, making it a important addition to your  hydration solution.

Low Osmolarity

At SkyMD, we go a step further by ensuring low particle concentration in our solution (osmolarity), allowing for quicker absorption and a faster path to feeling refreshed and revitalized. Maintaining the correct osmolarity is essential for ensuring that all cells function properly.

DOCTOR APPROVED          5x electrolytes of sports drinks          3x faster hydration than water alone


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Elevate your water with Doctor-Approved SkyMD Hydration Packets, carefully formulated with a precise ratio of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals delivering accelerated hydration 3x faster than water alone. Achieving optimal hydration without electrolytes is nearly impossible. Give your water a purpose – Recover, revitalize and refuel with SkyMD.


Fuel your day with the power of Hydration + Greens – packed with the 40+ ingredients including electrolytes, fruits, vegetables, probiotics and antioxidants. Our Doctor-Approved formula provides 3x faster hydration than water alone and a delicious naturally-flavored taste with 28 superfoods to relieve uncomfortable bloat, support gut health and promote energy.


Achieve optimal recovery and tranquility by using Hydration + Sleep. Our Doctor-Approved packets are meticulously designed to support healthy sleep patterns and restore your electrolyte imbalance throughout the night. Enjoy our delicious elderberry taste by mixing it with warm water before bedtime, allowing your body to recharge and wake up revitalized.


Supercharge your day with Doctor-Approved Hydration + Energy Packets. SkyMD’s Doctor-Approved proprietary blend of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals is shown to accelerate hydration, boost performance and sharpen focus. Specially formulated with natural caffeine for sustained, crash-free energy throughout your day.


Enhance your wellness with Hydration + Immunity. SkyMD’s Doctor-Approved Packets provide instant hydration 3X faster than water alone. Staying healthy while you’re on-the-go isn’t easy. Lack of sleep and constant exposure to germs make it tough to stave off illness. Boost your immunity with 16 vitamins and minerals to safeguard your well-being throughout the day.


DOCTOR APPROVED          5x electrolytes of sports drinks          3x faster hydration than water alone