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Hydration Hydration

32 Servings of SkyMD Hydration Electrolyte Drink Mix

(4.9) 3589 Reviews
Elevate your water with Doctor Approved SkyMD Hydration Packets, carefully formulated with a precise ratio of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals delivering accelerated hydration 3x faster than water alone. Achieving optimal hydration without electrolytes is nearly impossible. Give your water a purpose – Recover, revitalize and refuel with SkyMD.
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Only $1.20 Per Serving

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 32 Servings of Electrolytes
  • 1,316mg Electrolytes*
  • 12 Vitamins & Minerals*
  • FREE 4Pack Sample
  • FREE Shipping
  • $1.20 per Serving
    *per Stick Pack
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Flavor: Strawberry


Lemon Lime
Passion Fruit
Variety Pack
Size: 16pk



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DOCTOR APPROVED          5x electrolytes of sports drinks          3x faster hydration than water alone

Designed With Ingredients Featured By:

Cut back on sports drinks

We took all the benefits of your favorite sports drinks, removed the added sugars, chemicals and junk, and added in vitamins, minerals and supplements designed to optimize your wellness.

1,316mg Electrolytes


Clean and refreshing flavors that don’t overpower or get boring.


Increased energy, improved wellness, better focus, longer endurance and shorter recovery times.

Flavor? Feeling? Results?

Real Customers,

Refreshing Reviews

4.9 Rating

SkyMD Hydration

Lemon Lime

The best tasting & “fastest working”

These are my secret sauce for staying hydrated daily and feeling my best.

Emma J. | Verified Buyer

SkyMD Hydration


All-Day, On-The-Go Hydration

Working in construction, these packets have become my lifeline on the job.

James M. | Verified Buyer

SkyMD Hydration

Passion Fruit

"So Convenient, So Delicious"

Passion Fruit flavor transported me to an island paradise with each sip. Delicious!

Sophia M. | Verified Buyer

SkyMD Hydration


Amazing Post-Workout Recovery

I'm impressed by this balanced electrolyte mix! I use it every day post-exercise recovery.

Benjamin T. | Verified Buyer

Enhance performance in

Three Simple Steps

Mix one (1) packet of SkyMD with water or juice, or add to your favorite smoothie. Shake or mix until dissolved and enjoy!

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instant hydration

The Athlete’s Choice

we’ve teamed up with Legendary athlete and Trainer: John peel

John Peel is a former NCAA Division I football player for the University of Utah. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles and transformed his passion for athletics into a personal training career. Now living in his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona he has become a master trainer for iFIT…who he has been with for 14 years and has worked with thousands of clients. John designs his workouts to be very dynamic, while maximizing time and energy. He focuses on proper hydration and nutrition in achieving fitness goals.

Get hydrated

Our SkyMd Mission

Hydrating Humans Worldwide

With each purchase you make, we donate one serving of SkyMD to first responders, impoverished communities, and disaster relief zones. With your help, we are working to improve health and wellness one person at a time.

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How can I tell I'm dehydrated?

Dehydration is a condition that occurs when the body loses more fluids than it takes in. It can cause a range of symptoms; thirst, dry skin or mouth, fatigue and weakness, dark urine, headaches, dizziness, muscle cramps and rapid heartbeat.

Why is proper hydration important?

Hydration is crucial for maintaining overall health and well-being, supporting bodily functions, and preventing dehydration-related complications.

Why is SkyMD better than water alone?

SkyMD Hydration offers additional electrolytes, vitamins and minerals combined with Hydration Boost Technology (HBT™) to rehydrate 3x faster than water alone.

Key ingredient in SkyMD Hydration?

SkyMD is the only hydration product that offers Hydration Boost Technology (HBT™). Hydration Boost Technology enhances fluid absorption and replenishes electrolytes for optimal hydration levels. It helps combat dehydration and promotes overall health and well-being.

How do I use SkyMD Hydration?

Add 1 Hydration packet to 12-16oz of water and mix thoroughly until dissolved and enjoy.

When should I drink SkyMD Hydration?

SkyMD Hydration packets can be enjoyed any time during the day when you need the extra hydration support. For maximum results, consume 2-4 servings per day, adjusting the quantity based on your activity level.

Is it safe to drink SkyMD Hydration daily?

Most of our customers incorporate SkyMD Hydration into their daily routines. Whether it's replenishing fluids during or after intense workouts, staying hydrated while traveling, or optimizing daily wellness. SkyMD is the go-to choice and daily use can be adjusted to suit individual requirements. If you have any inquiries, we strongly advise consulting a healthcare professional for personalized guidance.

Is SkyMD for everyone?

SkyMD can be enjoyed by anyone. We recommend if you have a specific health concern to please talk to a healthcare professional.

How should I store my SkyMD?

Please store SkyMD Hydration packets in a cool, dry place. Try to avoid heat or direct sunlight. When exposed to heat or moisture the product may clump, but is still safe for consumption.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Sue ann Alleger (Frenchtown, NJ)
Did not receive

Ordered may 28, has not shown up yet!

S.F. (Minneapolis, MN)
Variety Pack

I've had skyMD variety pack for about 5 days now and I love it! My favorite flavors are pation fruit, watermelon, and strawberry. This stuff really works. The family and I love being outside, and we'll have one of these and our energy comes right back. We don't have feelings of being tired or lethargic from being in the sun all day.

Side note, the customer service is top tier! My package was accidentally shipped to the wrong address in a completely different state due to my own fault, but McKayla fixed it in a couple of hours and it was on my doorstep within 3 days.

AlyG (San Antonio, TX)
Passion Fruit SKYMD is refreshing and tasty

Being active in the heat with running, swimming, bike riding, pickleball and coaching soccer our whole family requires quality hydration. We all like the taste and benefits of SKYMD. Thank goodness we ordered two bags because one bag has two servings left!

Lori Norton (Navarre, FL)


KB (Bishop, CA)
Great tasting...easy to drink!

I decided to try these as John Peel was endorsing this product. I read the ingredients and it has all the right amount of electrolytes without the junk. My husband drinks LMNT, but that has way too much sodium for me. So I've been on the lookout for something with lower sodium, but great taste. So many of these products have that dreaded after taste....not this product. I started with variety pack and really like all the flavors. Glad I decided to try skyMD!

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